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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Provide general information:
    • Doctor’s name
    • Clinic Name
    • Clinic Address
    • Doctor’s Email & Phone
    • Assistants Email & Phone
  • OraShape will then open an account on their doctor portal for the doctor after receiving the information.
  • Intraoral and Extraoral Photos
  • A Prescription Form with the objectives of the treatment
  • Right & left occlusion
  • Anterior Bite – upper & lower arches
  • Panoramic/Ceph X-rays
  • Intraoral – upper & lower scans in occlusion & in open STL Format
  • OraShape will prepare a 3D simulation/True Setup within 24-48 hours and send the doctor a link that can be opened on any device.
  • The True Setup includes a video with all the stages needed for the specific patient with the objectives requested on the prescription form.

True Setup Sample:

  • Yes, the doctor can send any requests or modifications that they require for the case, and a new True Setup (link) will be issued.
  • The doctor can modify the True Setup again until they are satisfied with the outcome shown.
  • Once the doctor approves the True Setup, OraShape will start manufacturing the aligners.

The doctor will receive a Starter Kit that includes:

  • OraShape Clinician’s Instructions for Use
  • A Complete set of aligners
  • Retainer
  • Chewies (for a proper fitting of the aligner, just in case it is necessary)
  • Aligner Remover
  • Aligner Case
  • A summary of the treatment indicating if attachments and/or the amount of IPR needed

It depends on each patient/treatment, usually between 10 & 20 aligners per arch, which is between 5 and 10 months of aligner treatment.

For complex cases, 30-35 aligners are between 1 to 1.5 and half years of aligner treatment.

  • Each aligner is a stage with some amount of movement (mm or degrees) that is within the proven protocols of improving the predictability outcome.
  • Stages are described for upper and/or lower arches –so 1 stage can possibly have 1 or 2 aligners.

No, OraShape accepts scans from any scanner in open STL format.

  • It is recommended that the patient wear the Aligners for 22 hours per day.

  • The patient can remove them to eat, drink something (with water there is no problem) or to brush their teeth.

  • What is the recommended amount of time to see the patient in my clinic?

  • If the patient needs IPR (interproximal reduction) between stages, it will be necessary to schedule a follow-up appointment for IPR.

  • If IPR is not needed, we recommend following up once each 1-2 months for clinical control.

In the case that the patient wears the aligners less than prescribed, the patient can wear the same aligner 1 additional week to compensate for the time lost, or can try the next aligner, and if it fits well, the patient can just go to the next aligner stage.

  • It depends on the preferences of each doctor or if it is needed to perform IPR during any subsequent stage.

  • We recommend giving no more than 2-4 upper/lower aligners.

  • Thereafter, the patient should be scheduled for an appointment every 1-2 months to follow up and review that the treatment is going correctly and the aligners are fitting well.

  • The IPR is an Interproximal Reduction between 2 teeth that is needed in some cases with crowding or too little space.

  • Calipers can be used to measure the amount of IPR needed and Interdental strips can be used to widen the spaces.

At the end of the treatment if the patient needs some additional correction that was planned during the original treatment prescription.

New scans and intraoral and extraoral photos.

  • It depends on how many days the Aligner was used.

  • The patient can try the next aligner, and if it fits, he or she can continue with the treatment, and if not, the doctor can place an order for a replacement.

  • The typical estimated time frame for delivery is 2 weeks.

  • The doctor will receive all the aligners needed for the patient that will be mailed directly to the address requested.

Yes, if it is needed, we can also place a pontic with the shape of the extracted tooth for a future implant.

You will receive OraShape’s Clinician’s Instructions & Use and Use and Care Instructions for the patient.

We recommend using a fluid resin.

Yes, but we always have to evaluate the patient’s condition.

Yes, our software can plan orthopedic treatment procedures.

Yes, please keep in mind that it is an orthodontic treatment with dental movements, and we will issue a fixed or removable retainer for the patient.