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The Future of

Clear Aligners
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  • Increased starts with our same day clear aligners
  • Teeth move more predictably, more comfortably, and at a lower cost
  • In-person OR virtual consult with real doctors

8 Reasons Why Doctors Choose

OraShape Clear Aligners

Greater Retained Earnings

Clinically Reviewed Set-Ups and Treatment Plans

Open Ended Platform Accepts All Forms of Patient Data

The Latest in Diagnostic, Material, and Delivery Technologies

Fewer Refinements Overall

Fully Customizable - We Print or You Print

Greater Control Over Branding, Set-Ups, and Outcomes

Virtually Articulated, Functionally Occluded Treatment Plans

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Find out why we are one of the fastest growing clear aligner companies in the world by receiving a free demonstration of the benefits it will deliver your patients and your practice.

Same Day Clear Aligners

Same day clear aligner treatment helps grow your practice with more patients saying “yes” to treatment.

Exceptional Clinical Outcomes

Next-Gen treatment planning technology ensures every patient receives the finest clinical outcome and fewer refinements to achieve it.

Lower Lab Fees

Increase profit per case with lower lab fees and no hidden charges.

3 Reasons Why Doctors Love Our Clear Aligners

3 Reasons Why Doctors Love Our
Clear Aligners

We believe in helping bring the finest clinical outcomes to patients across the globe, while providing you and your practice with the tools to achieve record growth. We believe you and your practice deserve the finest clinical tools to help achieve exceptional clinical outcomes for the people we all care so deeply about … patients.

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Real Patients Exceptional Results

Real Patients. Exceptional Results. See the exceptional clinical outcomes for yourself from real patients treated with OraShape Clear Aligners.