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Fact Sheet

  1. We are the first dental aligner company that considers jaw function as the basis of aligner design.
  2. As part of the ongoing trend of printing in office aligners, we also provide diagnostic services with STL files and traditional non-articulated aligner sales. We offer a different array of options from which the doctor can decide the option that best fits the needs of their practice and their patients.
  3. OraShape is the first Aligner created using a virtual articulator. A virtual articulator is a device that allows us to visualize the true bite and replicate its functional movements, providing a true-setup sequence to better position teeth for treatment by providing a functional occlusion. A functional occlusion provides the proper balance between the teeth, jaws, muscles, and TMJ.

    Avirtual articulator can assess the real vertical dimension in open bites and uses true hinge axis setups to minimize TMJ symptoms during aligner treatment. Using a virtual articulator or CBCT in 4D, we can visualize movements in 4D so that the teeth are set in a way that provides us with minimum estimates of treatment outcomes.

  4. OraShape is the first aligner system that incorporates the use of a visual treatment objective to predict facial changes and selects the best treatment mechanics for better dental and facial aesthetics. Using a VTO can predict the changes in the lips, test different treatment options, and choose the optimal one
  5. With OraShape, you can restore worn dentition prior to the start of aligner therapy using flowable composites with injection trays, or if desired, you can use composite veneers for a truly predictable cosmetic dentistry outcome. Before more extensive cosmetic dentistry procedures, this brings a level of predictability never seen before.
  6. OraShape is fully designed and fabricated in the USA.

    We use three main types of plastics: a super elastic plastic for initial movements and extrusions to improve on sequence predictability, a
    medium strength plastic for tipping, torque, and angulation stages, and a stiffer plastic for detailing during the final stages of the treatment; which helps keep refinements to a minimum!
  7. OraShape allows you to use a hybrid approach so you can incorporate brackets with our accel indirect orthodontic bonding trays at any desired stage. Our accel indirect bonding trays are designed using the same true-setup principles as OraShape.
  8. OraShape can be worn in combination with dental sleep appliances so the orthodontic treatment does not have to be interrupted at night by the use of Dental anti-snoring appliances. This approach benefits your practice by making things easier and more flexible for the patients.
  9. Our ORIX orthodontic lab fabricates dental appliances to be worn on top of the aligners as auxiliaries in treatment. These include palatal expanders, Herbst appliances for growth modification, and even splints to help stabilize the bite during sleep for TMD patients. We also provide traditional orthodontic dental lab services at a more affordable price.