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OraShape Clear Aligners

Watch Your Practice Grow with OraShape Aligners

No Upfront Cost
Dentist/Orthodontist Training
Great Customer Support

Why Should You Offer OraShape Clear Aligners

OraShape is a leading provider of Clear Aligners. Clear Aligners are custom made for each patient by our qualified Orthodontists.


FDA Cleared

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Improved Patient Happiness

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More Efficient Process

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Lower and More Affordable Cost

You Enjoy the Benefits (And So Will Your Clients)

OraShape Aligners utilize state of the art technology in every stage o the Aligner Fabircation. there are no upfront costs and you always have great customer support.

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Step 1: Do your teeth look like these?


Step 2: Dentists register online and sign up for Orashape. Dentists upload patients x-rays and 3D images in the treatment planning software or send the impressions.


Step 3: Our orthodontists will examine the 3D images and X-Rays and come up with a custom treatment plan for the patient.


Step 4: Dentists review the treatment plan and approve them. Orashape starts creating custom aligners for the patients.


Step 5: The patient receives the clear aligners, starts wearing them and have a beautiful smil in just a few months.


OraShape Clear Aligners

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Simplify the Process